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It all started from here.

A group of young Italian Friends, led by Sabato and Michele, imagined the pleasure and the benefit of walking barefoot with the protection of a flexible sole.

From inception to production, support came in from all over the world.


At NakeFit we believe that innovation often emerges as a solution to common issues. Simple and targeted products can make a huge difference in our everyday lives. We are constantly striving to reach this goal with passion, dedication and a bit of unconventional thinking. In a world where personal wellbeing and leisure time play an increasingly important role in each person’s life, the freedom to experience our surroundings, while enjoying a closer contact and interaction with nature, can only add enjoyment and wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is NakeFit manufactured?

A: Nakefit is Made in Italy.


Q: Is NakeFit currently on sale?

A: No, we are completing our first production cycle directed to Kickstarter backers and distributors.


Q: When will NakeFit be on sale?

A: We do expect NakeFit to be on the market in early 2019.


Q: Does NakeFit work in water?

A: Yes. Nakefit is waterproof.


Q: Is NakeFit adhesive hypoallergenic?

A: Yes, the adhesive layer is made of certified hypoallergenic materials.


Q: Is Nakefit reusable?

A: Not currently, Nakefit is a disposable product.

Q: I would like to write about Nakefit! who should I contact?

A: We are happy to hear that! If you want to write about us, please contact or


Q: I would like to distribute Nakefit! who should I contact?

A: If you want to distribute Nakefit in your country, contact


Q: How does NakeFit make you feel?

A: Walking barefoot gives you a sense of freedom, ease, and lightness. With Nakefit you have no worries …. just more freedom.


Q: Would you suggest me to use them on sand?

A: Imagine walking with just Nakefit on your feet….on grass or on sand, you’ll experience a sensation that people who use shoes just can’t feel.


Q: What is the best environment in which I can use Nakefit?

A: Anywhere you would like to go barefoot

Q: Is Nakefit suitable to be used on a boat?

A: Of course, you go barefoot on a boat … but it’s even better with Nakefit, better traction and better protection!


Q: Is it true that Nakefit allows you to forget about shoes by the seaside?

A: If you hate wearing shoes at the beach, now with Nakefit, you can forget about them.


Q: Does Nakefit enhance the environment experience?

A: Since it’s hassle-free, Nakefit definitely allows you to rediscover your environment with no unpleasant surprises!


Q: Is there a difference between male and female models?

A: There is no difference, NakeFit is unisex.


Q: Is Nakefit giving me more protection while being barefoot?

A: Walking barefoot through meadows and creeks or along the beach is reinvigorating.

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