At NakeFit we believe that innovation often emerges as a solution to common issues. Simple and targeted products can make a huge difference in our everyday lives. We are constantly striving to reach this goal with passion, dedication and a bit of unconventional thinking. In a world where personal wellbeing and leisure time play an increasingly important role in each person’s life, the freedom to experience our surroundings, while enjoying a closer contact and interaction with nature, can only add enjoyment and wellbeing.


Nakefit company S.r.l,  now distributes its 100% made in Italy product all over the world. A product that was the result of a long process of research and development, that was its main goal bringing Nakefit soles to higher quality and performance. Thanks to the above, we have achieved our third generation which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of walking barefoot whenever you feel like it.


It all started from here.

A group of young Italian Friends, led by Sabato and Michele, imagined the pleasure and the benefit of walking barefoot with the protection of a flexible sole.

From inception to production, support came in from all over the world.